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Achieving Intimacy & Healthy Connection Is Overwhelming...

Hi, I’m Dr. Stephanie Bathurst.

I have over 13 years of experience in the Health and Wellness Industry. I am passionate about empowering individuals, couples and multi-partner relationships to rediscover passion, heal from past pain and enhance personal health through holistic wellness tools.

A lot my clients come to me to repair partnerships that are not working in ‘flow’.  Some also need holistic healing for mental health or trauma recovery. 

This leads them to try DIY Workbooks, self-proclaimed “Gurus” or invest years in traditional therapy - but without a proven plan and strategy, and a therapist to go on the journey with them, they’ll forever be stuck and struggling in the same feedback loop that caused them unhappiness for so long.

That’s why I am excited to introduce to you my FLOW™ Formula.   It is a combination of all the industry's ‘best practices’ when it comes to relationships, sex and mental health.  

Each step you must take is carefully woven into an elegant process that forges deep connections with yourself and others.

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Introducing: The FLOW™ Formula Program

It’s a step-by-step process that helps you achieve euphoric sex, release pain and intimately bond in just 90 days.

It lets you regain your energy and access relational synergy for a happier and healthier life!

This proven system has helped thousands of my clients embrace their sexual selves and rediscover the passion they once had in their romantic relationships.

Here's What It Comes With…

Bite-Sized Instructional Videos
make every action step simple and clear. You’re never overwhelmed or wasting time listening to fluff.

Easy-to-Follow Staged Learning Model
so you check off the right steps in the right order—never getting lost or confused along the way.

Personalized Project Management Portal
to keep you organized and on track so you never have to wonder where you left off.

Toolbox Kit
Therapeutic handouts, activities, lists of quality time experiences, structured therapy exercises, communication scripts, at-home mailed kits with surprise gifts and DIY activities. With this at-home toolbox, your relationship will light-up with spark!

Visual Diagrams
Help complex concepts necessary for growth to immediately sink in using pre-structured, simplified visuals for your benefit. Print them, keep them, let them guide you in continued growth! 

Biweekly Group Zoom Calls w/ Dr. Bathurst
Join bi-weekly video sessions to really immerse yourself into the experience and practice. Your group will always be with other participants working on the same step of the program. Groups will always be a MAXIMUM of 10 couples to ensure personal attention is given. 

24/7 Community Support
With a private community across the globe working to support one another, you will always have a space to connect and be heard.

Superior Accountability
Let’s be real, it’s crazy hard to hold yourself accountable and stick to the course. That’s why you get regular check-ins with your accountability coach on weeks when there is not a group zoom call.

Intimacy Expansion
When you think Intiimacy, you think Sex. Unlike other programs, we cover all 8 forms and give you activities and education to help you become experts in all areas within the realm of intimacy.

Finally get a proven system to tap into synergistic energy flow and feel a deep connection with your loved ones.

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What Makes The FLOW™ Formula Program Different?

Complete Step-By-Step Plan

Other coaching programs charge you thousands to talk about concepts but never give you the tools…

Because they don’t actually want you to become totally independent since that means you won’t need them anymore. We don’t like those games...

The FLOW™ Formula program gives you everything you’ll ever need (mindset techniques, communication scripts, research so you know what to do and what not to do for success, structured calendars to keep on track, training on body language, etc ). It’s a literal DIY intimacy expert in a box!

Because we’ve linked up all the industry's best and evidence-based practices, your hard work to complete each step leverages to the next. This means all your efforts see measurable results within just a few weeks.

Exclusive Community

Personal growth can be lonely.  That’s why you’ll tap into a community of like-minded intimacy explorers who are all using the same system to challenge themselves and expand their relationships for a more fulfilling future. 

Because we’re all using the same powerful core system, the system is constantly evolving.  This lets you rest assured your brand will always be built with what is proven to get results.

Amazing Experience

While the other coaching companies give you one piece of the puzzle, our 4 Step System lets you know what’s coming up next.  This keeps you focused instead of feeling overwhelmed by information or lost because critical components of the system simply weren’t attended to in the program.  

Imagine how confident you'll feel when you know that all your hard work will actually lead to consistent (and sustainable) results, instead of staying stuck in a 'one step forward, two steps back' cycle!

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What Our Past Clients Say

“Dr. Bathurst is magic. She identifies the root of the problem and uses a mix of different tools to resolve it quickly. I have no hesitation in naming Dr. Bathurst the best coach I have ever worked with.”

- Andrew T.

"Stephanie Bathurst was a dream come true. She helped us understand our priorities with marriage, our expectations, our non-negotiables…
Our time with her was just as important as any of the other vendors we had for our wedding and we're truly grateful for knowledge and expertise."

- Carol and Jim O.

“My wife and I were in a dark place for several months and were ripping apart at the seams. Dr. Bathurst not only helped us salvage the sinking ship, but our marriage is now better than it has ever been.”

- Paul C.

Want More Meaningful Relationships?

Click the button to download your 4 Step FLOW™ Formula PDF Guide.  Discover 4 steps to euphoric sex & stronger relationships today.

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