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Dr. Stephanie Bathurst has taught more than 4 professional seminars and education courses in the USA.

She uses her more than 13 years of experience in the Health and Wellness Industry to empower individuals, couples and multi-partner relationships to rediscover passion, heal from past pain and enhance personal health through holistic wellness tools.

Dr. Stephanie Bathurst's talks are fast-moving, informative, enjoyable and entertaining and specific to relationships, sex and integrative approaches for mental health.

Each talk can be customized for your particular needs. All talks feature concepts and strategies that audience members can apply immediately to enhance their own health and dramatically improve their relationships. Dr. Bathurst’s advanced training in eclectic approaches allows her to offer seminars on holistic health for a truly customizable experience.


Love & Sex Workshop: Biohacking Sex

How to naturally tap into the biochemicals of sex, herbal aphrodisiacs for libido activation, breathing and tantric techniques for increased sexual pleasure, overview of sensory experiences of sex and how mindfulness practice enhances sexual connectedness with partner-play. 

  • Audience receives tools and techniques in this extremely interactive workshop. 
  • Best to bring partners with but enjoyable for individuals, too! 
  • This is a playful, fun, educational experience chock-full of juicy therapy tools that help inside and outside of the bedroom


Managing Clinician Prejudice Against Consensual Non-Monogamy

Review normative culture’s belief system in monogamy from a sociological, anthropological and evolutionary perspective. Normalizing consensual non-monogamy through rates of reported CNM, at ratios of 1:5 in the lifespan of a relationship alongside of infidelity rates being higher than 30%, this workshop engages the group by grounding with statistics that challenge the “norm” of monogamy and peak curiosity through an evolutionary / biological lens that frames consensual non-monogamy as a viable option for fulfillment. 

  • Creates a respectful forum for discussion and debate  to build empathy and understanding
  • Curiosities need to be fed to allow for mental clarity in conceptualization of treatment planning


Working with Advanced Systems: Multimodal Relationship Designs for Clinicians

Overview of presenting structural differences among monogamous, polyamorous (heriarchical and non-heirarchical) and other consensual non-monogamous dynamics. Simplified summary of research stating that each dyad within all above structures operate relatively independently from one another. Discuss the basics of systems theory and apply it to advanced, multi-partner romantic dynamics. 

  • Case Review for application and interactive learning
  • Discussion of transference and personal meaning placed on someone else’s relationship structure


Treating Mood from the Inside Out: A Systems Approach to Mental Health Crisis

Struggling with Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, OCD, Chronic Fatigue, Brain Fog… You’re not alone. If you’ve tried working with your medical doctor but things just aren’t getting better, maybe it’s time for a different approach. This workshop connects the dots between mental health disorders and it’s different causes and holistic treatments, like:

  • Red and blue light therapy
  • Herbal supplements (nervines, adaptogens, nootropics)
  • Nutritional recommendation to reduce inflammation and attend to mineral / nutrient deficiency 
  • Meditative Movement vs. Rigorous Exercise dependent on your bodily needs
  • Positive Psychology, CBT techniques and Narrative Therapy for negative thought redirection
  • Transcendental meditation, Mindfulness, Visualization, etc. 


I am Dr. Stephanie Bathurst, a Licensed Clinical Marriage Therapist, a Board Certified Clinical Sexologist, and a Certified Life Coach. I founded my private practice, Bathurst Family Therapy in 2014 in Maryland and have since relocated to Hawaii with my husband and daughter.

As an Integrative Medicine Specialist for Mental Health, I am able to apply a holistic approach to mental health healing and recovery. I also have certifications in Kink-Conscious Therapy, Discernment Counseling, Trauma-Art Narrative Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique, among additional certifications in the fields of sex, relationship and holistic health.

My true passion is engaging couples who have lost one another in the journey of life; helping them to identify maladaptive communication patterns, boundaries or general needs that may be impeding them from enjoying their time together. I work with heterosexual couples, lesbian and gay couples and multi-partner relationships. Sexual dissatisfaction, fulfillment and dysfunctions are a professional interest of mine, seeing as these worries often intersect with relational difficulties.

As a systems thinker and an integrative medicine specialist, I apply an eclectic approach to deeply personalize each session to the client and relationship that I am working with. I find that this is what gets the most rapid and long-lasting results that my clients deserve.

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